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Ayy Gurls,

J-money coming atcha with an Ayy Gurl photography update. Apologies for the lack of Ayy Gurl news, but while we’ve been hustlin’ hard, Ten-Ten Larry was kind enough to hold down the fort with some EC hotness. If you’ve been sleepin on any of his updates (and if you have then…DAMN, son…), you need to hit the Ep Co website STAT! Experiment or Die, shawty!

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Where’s this Ayy Gurl crew I’ve been hearing all about?” I am more than happy to answer that for you. Basically, the short version of it is: “GRINDIN’, SON!!!” As any bleary-eyed PC student will tell you, the end of the quarter is a stressful time. Re-shoots, matting, re-shoots, printing, re-shoots, more printing, re-shoots, re-shoots, re-shoots…you get the idea. All of this so we can stand in front of 4 people looking for anything they can find to tear us apart. But we here @ Ayy Gurl don’t judge success from some critique panel. We know “old and busted” from “new hotness,” and this quarter, we brought the thunder. From websites to blogs, to photographs, it was another solid quarter for the Ayy Gurl staff.

So what’s next?? Well, as Ayy Gurl photographer Jamie Hopper would say, “Big Shit Poppin.” “Ten-Ten” Larry Luk got things rolling in a big way with a FRESH new look for the Ayy Gurl crew:


He even took it a step further, and hooked up a couple Tees as well:


Big ups to Larry for hooking it up. The shirts look dope! We’ll let you know when you’ll be able to cop your own. Until then, be on the lookout for it at your local hotspot. Ayy Gurl is reppin’!

I know, I know, you were like, “SNAP, I better go and cop a domain name for an Ayy Gurl website before they jump on it!” Nah son. Donzo. While the launch date for that little slice of web heaven is TBD, your boy is already jotting down ideas and its sure to blow your mind when it finally goes live.

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for more updates on the new website, tees, photos, and an upcoming Ayy Gurl crew photoshoot in the near future!  HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO LARRY LUK!!

Ayy Gurl,



EC Lovers Tee

We’ve designed this new tee just for the ladies out there who love EC. The EC Lovers Tee is filled with quotes and shout outs to some of our favorite things (cheese grits, crunk music), friends of EC (Menes Productions, Standard), and inside jokes. Thanks to Megan Huntz for contributing her handwriting skills to this graphic.

Order yours at the Epidemik Coalition Online Store


MIXT Art Show @ MINT Gallery [8/25]


This Saturday night [8/25], come out to MINT Gallery to check out a fresh mixtape related art show dubbed MIXT. We’ve contributed one of our world famous Boomcase/Briefboxes designed with Kevin Byrd from Armchair Media. We’ve also included our Mixtape #1 by Quantuum 7Thousand of Brooklyn and a stack of surprise EC tees. There will be an Auction for artwork and a Raffle, so be sure to show up to win some goods and support local artists.

It’s going to be a really strong show. Other featured artists include: Amanda Goodbread, Jess Hinshaw, Margaret Wright, Jason Travis, Andy Imm, Justin Davis, Emily Maxell, Jenny Anderson, Josephy Lawsky, J.R. Schulz, Jaimie Hopper, Lee Summers, Rebekah White, Christina Bowman, John Wilson, Harold McNaron, Gundrun Stone, Christy Chaffin, Silas Reeves, The Daemon King, Andrew Bellury, Morisca Valdez, Sunni Johnson, Thom Foolery, Mike Germon, Erica Jamison, & Marilyn Chen.

MINT Gallery
684 John Wesley Dobbs Ave, Unit B
Atlanta, GA 30312

Open Saturday August 25th, 7pm — 1am


Welcome to Me / Cartel Packaging Walkthrough


So here I am, finally up on this Ayy Gurl thing. I’m here and ready to drop the hate and blast off on issues that get me going. First and foremost, I gotsta say that I’m really disappointed with the Falcons and the whole Mike Vick scenario. Long story short…they shoulda stayed with Matt Schaub. They are totally F-ed now.

Next order of business…my boys, Cartel, are dropping a new album out on Epic Records today and you’ve gotta check it out. Or at least watch the video clip here of me tearing through the new packaging. The following is a recycled blog that I posted on Epidemik Coalition Dot Com earlier today, but it’s important so pay attention:

Chris Black & Done to Death hooked-up the Epidemik Coalition crew with a copy of the new Cartel album that drops tomorrow (August 21st). Chroma was a great album and this one’s going to be even better.

Make sure you pick one up HERE and they’ll send you an autographed copy. Show your support for the local boys, my copy is on the way.

Lastly, check out these links so you’re down:

Jorge Menes’ pics from the Rehab show in Athens this past Saturday

Best YouTube Ever

Second Best YouTube Ever

Epidemik Coalition

Epidemik Coalition on MySpace




Don’t bring it out if you ain’t gon’ use it.

Ayy Gurls,

Joe Martinez coming at you with the latest and greatest from Ayy Gurl Studios.  What, you thought we were just going to make this blog, create ridiculous photoshop composites of me and Ross, post Ayy Gurl gif animations, and just leave it at that???

Well…we thought about it.

However, now that Ayy Gurl is starting generate some buzz amongst the Atlanta creative community, we figure we’d actually try and keep this thing updated with news, random going ons, and maybe, MAYBE, even some photos every now and then.

First, some news:

Ayy Gurl photographers Ross Martin, Jorge Menes, and myself just returned from a wild trip to New Orleans and “The ‘Sip” (AKA Mississippi) to shoot Southern Mississippi University’s Sorority bid day.  Ayy Gurl studios was in full effect, snapping a few photos here and there, and schmoozing poolside with the lovely ladies of SMU.  But, While SMU was a blast, nothing compared to the night we had in New Orleans.  I could try to explain, but the photos speak for themselves:





In other news, I’m pleased to announce our first Ayy Gurl guest blogger, “Ten-Ten” Larry Luk, founder of the legendary, Epidemik Coalition.  Larry will be popping in every once in a while to drop some knowledge on you, so be sure to check in regularly.  Also, make sure you check out Epidemik Coalition.  They just moved into a new studio space, and are set to take the ATL by storm.


Other than road tripping around the south, the Ayy Gurl staff has been hard @ work lately.  With the quarter winding down and deadlines looming, we’ve been cranking out pure fire in our attempts to finish on a high note.  Along with our photography work, Ross, Jorge and myself have been working on our own personal websites.  We’ll keep you updated on launch dates.

ayygurlcorporate.jpg   1065164145_99991aacf5_o.jpg
Jamie Hopper has also been throwin’ it down, redesigning her blog, “Color Noise” , and dominating (as usual) in our photo classes.  She’s off to Philly tonight to shoot a wedding and to no doubt, spread a little Ayy Gurl sauce among the wedding party.  Bring back some cake.

That’s about all from us.  Be on the lookout for more updates, news, guest bloggers, and general dope shit.




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Ayy Gurl studios was founded about 3 weeks ago by Ross Martin & Joe Martinez. It has slowly emerged as the new juggernaut of photography. Becoming an Ayy Gurl photographer takes dedication, vision, and pure jizz. We party. We ball. We make it rain. Ayy Gurl all day!!

“For consumers of high end portraits only Ayy Gurl studios can provide evocative and emotionally charged images because we at ayy gurl studios say so…Holla.”

~Ayy Gurl Photographer and founder, Ross Martin

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For consumers of high end portrait photography, only Ayy Gurl studios can provide evocative and emotionally charged images because we at Ayy Gurl Studios say so. Holla.